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Beer and Cheese

The success of a beer and cheese party lies as much in the choice of beers and cheeses as in striking an appropriate balance among them. The way you combine, order, and arrange beer and cheeses will provide you and your guests with a deliciously memorable experience. Keep in mind that each person will consume an average of 170 - 180 g of cheese at this type of tasting.

Here are some of our favourite pairings:

Pilsner (lager)
When pairing cheese with a Pilsner, look for a hint of fruit and sweetness to offset the dryness of the beer. Avoid cheeses that are too strong since they will overpower the beer’s more delicate scents.
We recommend: Friulano / Swiss / Havarti or Mozzarella cheeses

Stout / Porter beer
It can be challenging to pair cheese with a Porter beer; the bitter, cocoa-like flavours tend to overwhelm many cheeses. Stay away from bitter cheeses and try instead, salty, sweet, creamier ones.
Try it with: Fetos / Parmigiano Reggiano / Bella Lodi / Grana Padano cheeses

Wheat beer
Wheat beers which tend to be sweeter are best matched with earthier cheeses that are balanced.
We recommend: Provolone / Caciocavallo cheeses

Fruit beer
There is a nice contrast between the sweet, fruitiness of this type of beer and the milky, dairy flavours of italian specialties.
We recommend: Mozzarina Mediterraneo / Bocconcini / Trecce / Mozzafina di Latte / Ricotta cheeses

In the end, remember to have fun, experiment with your own tastes and enjoy the savoury texture and flavour combinations that beer and cheese have to offer.