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Our story

The Taste of Tradition

In 1954 the Saputo family brought the secrets of Italian cheese-making to Canada. In those early years, young Lino Saputo delivered our handmade cheeses on a bicycle. While we don’t deliver cheese by bicycle anymore, the same artisan spirit carries on to this very day.

We still work to uphold the Italian tradition of cheesemaking for modern life. We do what’s right. Not what’s easy. Not because we choose to. But because it’s the only way we know how to.

It’s why here at Saputo we taste, approve and sign every batch of cheese before it’s sold. Because to us it’s personal. And we personally stand behind every bite, every slice, every morsel.

Our name is our reputation. Our signature is our guarantee.

If it’s not signed, it’s not Saputo.


Featured Recipe

Beet and Feta Cheese Pizza

Featured Product

Chef Collection Mozzarellissima

Our finest premium mozzarella that melts to perfection, grills evenly and delivers a smooth, buttery taste. This superior melting cooking cheese is perfect for pizzas, gratins or pasta dishes and grills to an even light brown crust.

Meet Our Featured Cheesemakers

They taste, approve, and sign all the cheeses we make. Every day. Because our name is our reputation.


I’ve been making cheese for over 35 years. My favourite cheese – there are too many to list.


I'm a second generation Saputo employee. I can't get enough of our Mozzarina Mediterraneo - especially with tomatoes and olive oil.


I love our Mozzarella and Provolone – maybe that’s why I can’t get enough, even 26 years later.

Our most popular recipes

Montreal-Style Smoked Meat Pizza

Ricotta and Spiced Honey Breakfast Bowl

Chorizo, Black Bean and Avocado Nachos